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Restaurant Menu – Pink Cadillac Cafe

Mobile Application : Restaurant Menu – Pink Cadillac Cafe



Pink Cadillac Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Karachi with a vibrant menu and a patriotic customer base catering the plush and the upmarket areas on the city of Karachi. Having been in the business for several years, PCC wanted to provide their customers with an extravagant new way for viewing their menu and improvising their customers’ experience. The HAWKS pitched in and helped them achieve their aspiration of doing so by creating a mobile/tablet application which dynamically displays their menu showcasing chef’s specials, today’s special and ingredients of each item on the menu.




A competitive market and industry such as food have always yearned for new experiences. PCC aspired to do something different for their new outlet in Karachi by deciding to display their menu on tablets on each table they served to. This had to have the color schemes and designs which went the restaurant itself and a fine line of the menu which had to be done justice to while showcasing them on the devices.


The idea


The menu had a vibrant and colorful scheme of items. Along with dynamic sections which would be real-time and coming from a CMS itself. All the items on the menu had to have a detailed description. List of ingredients and their images. Notifying the customers of possible items of allergies with a call for order button on all screens.


The development was done with the help of highly talented designers who worked hard on the application. The application now multiple phases and divided into substantial deliveries, one of which is a real-time KOT which would notify the kitchen as and when an item is an order from a tablet. We couldn’t have been prouder of the end result. The Hawk Media has helped this business achieve a strong digital presence and achieve a strong user base along with a medium of instruction with which a marketing strategy could be laid out.


Live in Action


Check out the application you are in and around PCC. We know you’d love it!


Let’s talk


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