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Facebook Smart App – Shop & Ship

Multi-platform Facebook app for Aramex Shop & Ship



Shop & Ship is an interesting, and – to the most extent – a unique product, which aims to fulfill needs of a wide segment of the market. Basically, if you like something on an international website, within their 18 country network, but the retailer itself doesn’t serve your country, or charges too high for shipping, Aramex commits to deliver at your doorstep, at reasonable prices.



The product was a lot more relevant when international brands were not focusing on the countries like UAE, KSA, and Egypt. As the world has been turning into a global village,┬ámany international retailers are themselves shipping directly to these countries, diminishing the need for Shop & Ship’s business model.


Hence Shop & Ship wanted to do something different, to stand out from what the rest of brands were doing on a very popular shopping occasion, i.e. the Valentines’ Day. S&S decided that it needs to fulfill two key business objectives:


  1. Increase their memberships – i.e. get new people to sign up
  2. Give discounts on shipping – i.e. pushing loyalty among existing members


The idea

This is where the HAWKS came in. We proposed to do a completely unique, highly interactive activity, that runs on all platforms and lives directly on Facebook. This patent-pending product, called the Facebook Smart App, allows brands to engage with users on a much higher level, via quizzes, games, puzzles or literally anything that makes sense. The best part is, the app works via a user’s newsfeed, and they don’t need to go out of their comfort zone to engage with the brand.


The idea was simple. On the Facebook Smart App, we asked users find the flower from 18 countries that Shop & Ship serves, and each user had three guesses. Once they find the flower, they confirm whether they’re an existing member (these get shipping discounts) or a non-member (these get free membership, which usually costs USD 45).


Depending on their selection, they’re redirected to a relevant form, where user data is validated, and upon submission, an emailer is shot out to the user that contains their unique promo code, as well as steps on how to avail the offer that they’ve won. The app was bi-lingual and worked on desktop and mobile devices.


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