Run a game or contest, directly through the Facebook Newsfeed
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Facebook SmartApp – Run a game or contest, directly through the Newsfeed

Facebook SmartApp - Run a game or contest, directly through the Newsfeed

Facebook SmartApp – Run a game or contest, directly through the Newsfeed (no app redirection)

Brands and agencies are always looking for new ways to engage with their users, from showcasing a new product’s features to pushing sales in a particular season, there is always a reason for brands to keep conversing with their audiences. Brands wish to “woo” their audience because they want to stand out of the clutter of the competition!

Like any other media, social has its limitation and engagement on standard posts can only go so far. Users are too used to the like/share, Live vote and commenting on posts to engage with the brand, and the only thing left is a 3rd party app, which asks for user permission straight-away and that’s a huge turn off to so many users.

The HAWK Media is proud to showcase the tried, tested and highly successful Facebook SmartApp, that lives directly on your page’s feed, shows up as a standard status update (with image) and doesn’t require any permissions. Instead of pushing users to go your website to do an activity, this brilliant patent-pending innovation brings the brand in the users face!

With this brilliant innovation, brands can run quizzes, puzzles, contests or even games – whether it’s a new product launch, it’s a seasonal sale, or a concert where you’d users to win tickets to – almost anything is possible with the Facebook SmartApp. Not only that, it works perfectly well on mobile, making sure you don’t miss out on the massive 80% audience!

We’ve developed at least 10 Facebook SmartApps by now with different multinational brands, allowing them to engage with their audience that’s truly theirs! All you have to do is tell us you wish to build one for your brand, and we can even help you come up with idea, design the app and write copy!

Take a look this bi-lingual Facebook SmartApp we’ve recently completed for Aramex HERE (only accessible for select countries)

Know more about it HERE


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