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5 ways brands are using Messenger Chatbots

5 ways brands are using Messenger bots

Any good business always makes sure of its digital presence made online. One of the best platforms to do so is Facebook. Flourishing businesses are overwhelmed with questions, comments, and complaints on Facebook. What if there was a way to automate most of the common queries and customer interactions. The market trends of customers demand hassle-free and rapid responses from Facebook. Enter – Chatbots. Chatbots can automate the discussions and queries which come on Facebook and help you deliver right responses the moment an inquiry is made.

In this article, The Hawk Media simplifies and explains Top 5 ways you can integrate Facebook ChatBots with your Business.


Why Chatbots?

Believe it or not, with the rapid pace at which the trends of doing business. Your business has been caught up in a digital battle in which you are always struggling to stay afloat with the competition. With the increasing number of users who can potentially turn into your customers are moving towards making queries via social media messaging, majorly on Facebook Messenger. This is used to contact the business for questions, comments, and complaints. Although there are various tools that can help you manage the volume of customer messages, they are just not capable especially when users/customers are used to a timely response from the business. Facebook Messenger Chatbots help you automate and provide customers with immediate response. Basic queries like “What are your store timings?”, although this is mentioned in various places on your site, queries like these burn into your customer service team’s time like hellfire. Chatbots free up your customer service teams time to cater or address to more pressing issues or matters.

Chatbots can take care of simple queries like store timings, restaurant menus and complex tasks like booking a cab with acquiring your pickup and drop details and payment transactions. Let’s say you are a customer service representative for a small business and you spend hours every day replying to queries about what their delivery details or tracking number is which they have already received through email. Simple tasks like these are taken care of with the help of a Chatbot. The more people you connect with the more business you get. Chatbots are invaluable and they are so because of it is flexible and easily customizable. Chatbots can be altered and customized to fit your business and customer needs.


1. Provide Personalized Experiences

Provide Personalized Experiences

Content is not everything when you’re working with Chatbots, it can be used to extend their content marketing strategy. The Chatbots Enhance relationship with clients and Equip value immediately without any trouble to the user.

Let’s say an organic foods Chatbot is equipped to help users discover new recipes. Users can simply type in their request saying “Sandwich recipes” to see suggestions for various types of meals and cuisines, or browse through a series of questions to get personalized recipes.

As the user clicks to see a recipe, Chatbot navigates the user to the recipe on the company’s website. This is a smart way of generating more traffic and a loyal user base for your own website using social media without being too pushy or spamming people with emails. Your brand will provide customers get relevant material and serve a lot of value.


2. Offer Special Service

Offer Special Service

Many businesses provide their own applications to provide such automated services, but The Hawk Media believes that the expense and efforts of creating and distributing your own app can be saved with the help of Chatbots which would offer such services in the Messenger application.

UAE Exchange’s money transfer is an appropriate example of these kinds of Chatbots. These users can utilize automation to remit money, pay mobile bills while abroad, enquire exchange rates and find nearest locations. Everything systematic, hassle free and made easy.

Points to not when creating these kinds of Chatbots:

  • Test the Hell out of it: Testing your services extensively on multiple devices, platforms, and OS before you go live would save you a lot of trouble.
  • Ease of Navigation: Simplification of the process with options like preset, menus and clarity on services offered would simplify the process.
  • Redirect when needed: Chatbots is a platform and not everything, for things it can’t handle make sure you redirect people to right place on your site.


3. Optimize Product Purchases

Optimize Product Purchases

We are not claiming that Chatbot or its artificial intelligence can replace a persuasive or talented salesman, well not yet. Chatbots are made in a way to sell which could liaise to pump up your sales and exponentially increase your margins. You can use the Chatbot to give customers exactly the products that they are looking for and manage simple sales through the Messenger app.

Brands like FlowerShop.ae can create a Chatbot which can be designed for selling. Enhancing and easing it for customers to order flowers from Messenger. The Chatbot will ask you for a recipient’s name, their phone, and address at which it should be delivered to. After which it would ask the customer to choose to from various categories and products they might be looking for and show them the appropriate products.

As soon as an item is selected, the bot inquires about a schedule of delivery and billing information. This is exponentially simpler and easier than trying to make an order for such a thing from their mobile site on a smartphone.

Some key pointers while getting a sales driven Chatbot

Your Chatbot must be equipped with the capability to answer all FAQ’s about products. This will help grow your sales exponentially.

“Would you like to see something else before you go?” is one of the important features along with Recommended feature as users always have a look out when in doubt like add-ons and purchase them as they check out.


4. Make connections through Entertainment

If you intend to create and grow relationships with you users, try designing your Chatbot just to entertain them (given this befits your brand). Users may always have an option to opt out from this to receive any future messages from your brand. Simple ideas like Receive fun facts, Engagement Games, Quizzes and content for entertaining are simple yet resilient and hit ways to implement Chatbots.

One example is a Quiz/Trivia Chatbot, focused mainly on entertainment. If a user sends a first message, the Chatbot will make sure you keep in touch by sending regular messages inviting them to play the game with suggestions.  Users can browse through trivia topics and games, you can also allow an option to see how it works or challenge a friend which would help you attain more users.

Few key points to remember when dealing with entertainment bots:

Content has to be mobile responsive

  • Ask to opt for receiving new content: Otherwise, it might get a little annoying and some unhappy users on your hand if you plan to reach user ahead in time.
  • Use Rich Media: use media like images and videos as much as you can, they need to be dynamic.


5. Address Basic Customer Service Queries

This is on top as this is the most useful and popular use of a Chatbot which is to provide customer service. Imagine your business’s customer service team is receiving a query over and over again over time. It could be as simple as store timings, refund policies or track an order. A Chatbot is the best way to yield great results to those questions. In a few simple steps, your Chatbot can be taught what the answer is to all possible combinations of those questions. The machine learns and Viola, you are rid of your troubles.

Pizza Hut Chatbot is probably a befitting example for this scenario. Patrons order directly through the bot and are able to track orders. Tracking and order are simple and effective. The volume of calls averted from thousands of customers enquiring about their delivery time. Problem solved.

Although, this all sounds great. One must not forget to follow certain practices:

  • Make sure the users know they are served with automated responses. People wouldn’t like it if they figured it out themselves, especially when you’re dealing with customer service issues.
  • Always have an option to reach a customer service agent when needed. Make sure you have a “Did we answer your query?” option that redirects to an awestruck user to a real customer service representative.
  • Redirect users to customer service when personal information is needed. Acquiring information via Facebook is not recommended for security compliances.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots has been soaring in popularity among various businesses. Chatbots can deliver automated responses to all users who contact or get in touch with your business through the Messenger and are now being extensively used for variety of purposes including customer service and sales.

What do you think? Are Facebook Messenger the future of communication for businesses? Do you use them? What kind has been most beneficial? Share us your business problem, success story, thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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