4 reasons why Brands use Mobile Apps to drive Engagement at Events
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4 reasons why Brands use Mobile Apps to drive Engagement at Events

4 reasons why Brands use Mobile Apps to drive Engagement at Events

Due to the massive number of marketing messages out there, consumers generally have a buffer to everything they see. Each event has messaging from different sponsoring brands, the retail and kiosks in a mall are filled with numerous messaging – including your competitors’ – thus causing a huge clutter and the only way a brand can stand out and hit the consumer’s share of view is by doing something unique and engaging.

Having a unique activity at brand’s activation stand at events and shopping malls has recently picked up really well, and the most common way to go about it is to run the activity using mobile devices. Below are few reasons why it has been so successful and effective for brands to utilize mobile apps to drive engagement:

  • The use of mobile devices brings a digital perspective and portrays the brand as a trendy one. This is important for almost all the consumer-focused brands, from fashion outlets to tech leaders.
  • Running an activation on digital sphere allows for limitless possibilities. From simpler activations like “spin the wheel and win” to virtual reality experiences, there are millions of ways to get the audience interested, depending on the budget the brand has for the said activation.
  • It’s easier to track the actual engagement and that too in real-time. For example, you build a level based game, and you want to give away a prize to those who complete the game. The app can be programmed in a way that it measures how different users are doing at different stages. If your prize is a discount voucher, you may want a lot of people to win, so you achieve maximum retention from the activation.In this case, you can achieve you keep the game relatively simple and easier to complete. On the other hand, if your prize is a luxury watch, you’d want to give it out to a very small number of people, therefore making the game difficult for users to complete. Either way, you can track how users are finding the game from the insights, and modify the game accordingly.
  • There is very minimal wastage cost. You can recycle the app if it met your business objectives for another event in future. You can even tweak the idea a little bit at a minimal cost, and play on the same advantage. Similarly, no procurement and logistics based nightmares on replenishing the physical elements after first use.

The HAWK Media takes great pride in ideating and executing interactive and engaging mobile apps. We build apps with a special focus on brand activations, as we’re well aware how important it is for brands to grab a consumer’s attention and to really stand out from the rest.

Do you have an event or mall activation coming up? Drop a line below and let us know a little bit about your brand and the place where you’re having a branding space, and we’ll get back with some effective ideas!

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